Friday, 25 July 2008

HR, Social Networking and Blogging

Alongside the CIPD's website, one of the most useful site for HR practitioners to visit from an evidence-based practice perspective is the new social networking site for the HRM journal run by Theresa Welbourn. This site already has some interesting discussions going on but has greater potential to link practitioners to academic work than any other medium I'm currently aware of. This potential will be realised the more it is subscribed to and used by practitioners and academics, so please join.

The site already has a number of useful interest groups, including ones on networking, e-HR, HR in healthcare, teaching HR, HR in China, all subject areas of interest to my colleagues and I. In addition, there are a number of HR forums on issues such as ethics in HR, innovations in HR. You might also want to check out her leadership pulse site for some excellent tools and papers for practitioners and academics. This is related to, which explains/ debates the regular pulse surveys

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