Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New Insights into Web 2.0 and HR

I've been under the 'cosh' recently finishing off our CIPD report on Web 2.0 and HRM. I have to thank some bloggers who have helped provide insight and new material for the report and have done so in the written version. However, I would also like to acknowledge them online in case they don't read the document when it comes out in late November. They are James Hayton, James Richards, John Castledine, Jon Ingham and Thomas Otter.

To single out a few new recent pieces of research worth reading, James Hayton recently pointed me to a report by Pew Research on networked workers - excellent! Thomas also pointed to the advice given by IBM as a model for a code of conduct on Web 2.0. Finally, Julian Birkinshaw and Sarah Pass have just produced an interesting piece of work for the CIPD on Innovations in the Workplace: How are oragnisations responding to Generation Y and Web 2.0? This seems to be one of the few pieces of hard data on the lack of knowledge about Web 2 by HR professionals (and other managers in the UK) , which is also a finding of our work. This doesn't prevent HR professionals from being interested in the subject, however; indeed, we have found the situation to be the opposite.

As evidenced by research from Pew, Gartner, Forrester and McKinsey, there is strong justification for HR to be thinking in terms of and planning for a generation gap, which is one of the conclusions of the Birkinshaw and Pass study. However, this gap may be more of sociographic, V-generation one than Gen Y demographic one (see the other surveys referred to above). Birkinshaw and Pass also report evidence that HR sees potential in Web 2.0 and the need to address that potential, but just haven't done much about it. Maybe they have more on their plates just now with the problems of the financial services industry and the economy?

Leaving aside the hype, we side with those that believe HR need to address this issue strategically, or else they maybe left at the starting line?


Jon Ingham said...

Thanks Graeme,

And how have you been finding blogging personally?

I've been enjoying reading your posts - I hope you'll keep it up beyond the CIPD report?

Cheers, Jon.

Graeme's HR Blog said...

I enjoy it, Jon. The students like it, so to me Exec people like it. It also helps me record material I have read to update books etc. I'll definitely keep it up, especially as more people are reading it.

Thomas said...

thanks for the mention.
Now following your blog, so please keep them coming.
Doing some research on employer brand at the moment,so looking forward to exploring your work. amazon here I go again...

Graeme's HR Blog said...

Give me a ring Thomas. I've been doing quite a bit recently, including a couple of chapters for books and an article all published next year. Also starting another book in the field